XinChun Instrument (ChangShu) Co.,Ltd. located in the scenic national culture the history of the city - ChangShu city, JiangSu province, has advantageous geographical location potential, east on Shanghai, south SuZhou, WuXi west, with Yangtze river in the north and south on the other side of the river.

XinChun Instrument is a collection of production, research and development, sales, services in one the body of the science and technology enterprises, specializing in the production of high quality series intelligent valve position, electric valve positioner, electrical switches, air filtration pressure reducer, Limit switch (reply) valve, the valve position transmitting PTM,etc. Products are widely extensive application in
petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, gas, textile, building Paper, pharmaceutical, food industries, over the years the company adhere to the market as the guide to, seek development with science and technology, research and development of all kinds of new structure high can the intelligent valve positioner, its unique structure and the application of new materials, Can meet the demand of all kinds of harsh automation technology and perfect service Got a matching unit and design institute, institute of unanimous trust and praise.

XinChun Instrument has passed ISO9001:2015 international quality system certification, obtained the national industrial products production license, national explosion-proof electrical equipment, explosionproof certificate of quality, were the first private technology enterprises in JiangSu province SuZhou city in 2017.

XinChun Instrument in the "excellence, the pursuit of perfect" quality Under the guidance of the needle, in constant self-improvement at the same time, we will in good faith service attitude and highly responsible spirit, and the social people from all walks of life hand in hand and create brilliant.