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EP4000 Series electrical and gas valve locator

1, Suitable for small capacity and large capacity of actuators
With spring load control, select the corresponding spring after can get the most
suitable for the actuator positioner.
2, Small gas consumption
Gas consumption is small, large capacity of the amplifier.
3, Can choose the output characteristic
Because of the feedback mechanism of CAM device, so you can choose output
characteristic features.
The price is negotiable

First, Product Overview

EP4000 electricity - gas valve positioner is made in introducing foreign technology.  it with the regulator, constitute a closed loop control circuit. The controller output  Electrical signal conversion to drive the regulator gas signal, at the same time,  according to the control valve to open for position feedback, the regulator can correct  positioning.

Second, Technical Data

Intrinsic error±1%(single-acting);±1.5%(double-acting)
Hysteresis error1%(single-acting);1.5%(double-acting)
Dead band0.2%(single-acting);0.4%(double-acting)
Rated travel0-(10-100)mm;0-(50°-75°-90°)Angular travel
Air pressure0.14~0.7MPa
Input signal4-20mA.DC;0-10mA.DC(Separable process)
Output pressure0.02-0.6MPa
Air consumptionSingle-acting: 5L/min(Gas supply 0.14MPa)  Double-acting: 15L/min(Gas supply 0.4MPa)
Output characteristicLinear,Equal percentage
Environment temperature-35~+60℃   -20~+60℃(Intrinsic safety type)Ex iaⅡCT6 Gb
Relative humidity10%~90%
Explosion-proof type(Flame-proof) Ex  dⅡBT6  Gb,(intrinsic safety) Ex  iaⅡCT6  Gb,(Common)Non-Explosion
Input impedance250Ω±5%( 20℃时)
Air supply connectionZG1/4,φ6 Connect the brass
Power interfaceNPT1/2(G1/2)
Shape materialAluminum alloy
Overall dimensions205×192×78mm

三、型号说明Model Specification

EP4   0     0     0     0     0   

ModelExplosion-proof grade
(protection) structure
Feedback (action)Action typeAccessories
EP4 1 Flame proof d Ex
dⅡBT6 Gb
 1   Straight travel
 1  Single action with actuator
 b    AS      
With correlation
matching combination
Air filtering pressure
reducing valve
 2 Increased safety
type e Ex d
ⅡT6 Gb, IP65
 2 Quarter-turn
 2  Double action with actuator
 3  Intrinsic safety type
I Ex iaⅡC T6 Gb


Example: EP3111: said flameproof, straight trip, single function
EP3322: it means the Ann model, Angle, dual role

When ordering, please specify: 1, Type;  2, Input signal;  3, Gas supply pressure;  4, Output characteristic;  5, With pressure reducer;
6, Stroke;  7, The actuator specifications;  8, Output pressure.