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XC6000 Series electricity - gas valve locator

1, No resonance phenomenon within the range 5-200 Hz.
2, Simply don't have replacement parts can be 1/2 operation within the scope of the process control.
3, Zero adjustment and range adjustment is very simple.
4, Positive action and reaction.
5, Feedback pole connection very simple.
6, Fast response and accurate.
7, Little air consumption, the economy is good.
8, On the small actuators can also use the guide valve orifice to prevent vibration phenomenon.
The price is negotiable

First, Product Overview
Electric valve positioner XC6000 is a kind of in the controller or control system for 4-20 mA current signal, and sending air to pneumatic actuators to control the valve opening device.

Second, Model Specification

XC6000  0     0     0     0     0     0 

ModelActuator movementMode of actionExplosion-proof
Feedback formPilot valve exhaust holeOptions
XC6000 L  Linear S  
Ex dmbⅡBT6 Gb
 1  Linear type
 1  Actuator
volume is
less than 90cm3
 0  无 No
Ex dmbⅡBT6 Gb
 1  Linear type
 2  Actuator
 1  +PTM
Ex iaⅡCT6 Gb
 1  Linear type
 3  Actuator
volume is
greater than
 2  +L/S(Built-in
limit switch)
Not explosion
   3  +PTM+L/S
(Built-in valve
position feedback
and limit switch)